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We're not like other self serve pet washes, Come see how

We can do the wash too, schedule an appointment. Any critter Any size.

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Critters that are too crazy can be turned down

Our Story

Established in September of 2022.


A few years ago, my mom and I decided to start looking for spaces to build our very own business. We did not like bending over the tub to wash the dogs in our own house or having to use the cold hose water outside. We eventually found out about self-serve pet wash stations but just like at the house there were many things that made it a tedious chore...So we gave the self serve pet washing scene a touch of innovation. we have only started this idea a little over a year now but have been trying to make a pet company for many years, from an online pet shop before chewy came out to a completely self-operated dog wash to finally running this wonderful business. Come pamper your pet and support our dreams !

Pitbull Portrait
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